RATAN SIL SARMA – Producer & Director

Marksheet is the first film of Ratan Sil Sarma as a director. With a vast experience of more than 14 years in entertainment industry, he was associated with different national media houses before moving back to Assam. He’s now associated with the regional (Assam) entertainment industry. Ratan is known for his superb editing skills too.

HIMJYOTI TALUKDAR – Producer, Story & Screenplay

The main storyline of the film ‘Marksheet’ has been written by Himjyoti. Known as a movie fanatic & having a good knowledge of Assamese cinema, Himjyoti with his sharp mind and attention to details has put in every effort to make the story as simple and as beautiful for the director to recreate it visually. He’s also the founder of internationally acclaimed web project enajori.com.

DIKHIT DAS – Producer & Director of Photography

The man behind the camera, Dikhit is known for his fascination with the camera. Over 4 years of experience in the field of films and television, Dikhit has been a part of many interesting projects both national as well as international. He along with the director has dedicated to make ‘marksheet’ a visual treat for the audiences.